Why Your Resume is in the Bottom of the Pile

By: The Resume Chick

Don’t beat yourself up or submit to disappointment if you lack experiences or skills. Lighten up. It’s not about quantity, it’s all about quality. As long as you can meet the basic requirements of the job, then you have as much of a fighting chance as the other applicants do.  Take note that hiring managers don’t just pay attention to years of experience and long list of skills.  They also pay very close attention to what is unwritten on your resume.

You need to remember that most companies now use machines to scan through resumes, which are unprejudiced.  If there are errors on it, there is no way for your resume to explain why they are there and how they should be corrected.

Mimic the job ad

As much as possible use the exact words that are mentioned in the job ad itself.  Using these keywords will improve your chances of beating those other resumes in the race, since the machine will identify you as a right match for the post.

Use a customized resume for every application

A generic resume may work but targeted ones work even better in getting your resume to top of the pile. Create a resume tailored for every company need. Get rid of the clutter. Dump irrelevant information and focus on skills and experiences you can offer that would reflect your worth and the position you’re applying for. Will mentioning that you got 3rd place in the Hog Races at the County Fair really get you that job? Nope- well, errr… not unless you are applying for the job of Pig Farmer Extraordinaire!

Use a consistent format

Spacing, indentation and bullets should be consistent throughout your whole resume. Using irregular fonts and inconsistent formatting make your resume hard to read and downright annoying. Make sure that your resume is crisp, clear and easy on the eyes. Layout is super important folks- don’t skimp and don’t make it 6pt font! Wowza! That is simply painful.

Edit and proofread

Grammatical and typographical errors are major turn-offs. You may laugh at yourself when you notice them but the person reviewing your resume surely won’t be amused. These errors may seem small but they can greatly impact the employer’s impression of you. Resume writers are very much aware of this that’s why they’re very careful about this detail on every resume they create for their clients. Past and present tenses are a big problem as well. Keep a look out.

Include a cover letter

Double your advantage over the other applicants: include a cover letter along with your resume.  Use it to show your desire for the position. Be aggressive. Ask for an interview as a parting sentence on this letter. Tell them they would be crazy not to meet with you. Whatever it takes to get their attention- now is your time to stand out!

Don’t let these details slip past you and leave your resume sitting at the bottom of the pile, or worse yet…the REJECT pile.  Pay attention to all the details and soon enough you will be noticed and snag that long awaited interview!

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Over the past 10 years, Karen has assisted thousands of job seekers by providing them with a resume that brought them the confidence and professionalism they needed to get an interview. After writing for several years, Karen recognized the need for something different. Utilizing a creative edge, she helps make job hunting easier with her company, TheResumeChick.com, as an affordable way to get top notch, custom resumes in a jiffy. Her clients have raved about their new competitive edge, more interviews and better job offers and salary increases thanks to her handiwork. Karen welcomes any inquiries for interviews and career assistance opportunities where she can lend her voice on the how-to’s on writing a resume that works and getting the interview.

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