What to Do When Your Co-Workers Go on Strike

By: The Resume Chick 

When workers go on strike, the situation can be intense and stressful.  Nobody really wants to be in that situation.  When your co-workers go on strike, you certainly feel on edge and understandably, confused about what to do next.  The pressure, the noise, the problem – all these can get to your nerves.  Unfortunately, these things do happen from time to time. So what are you to do when it does?

  1. Stop. Yes, stop first.  Don’t act on impulse or get into it without thinking. Criticizing them do you any good, either. Don’t jump to conclusions; pause for a while and assess the situation.


  1. Look. It pays to observe the goings on, especially if you want to clarify what issues brought about the strike.  Take some time to observe them.  Look around to see how your other co-workers are handling things. Try to take note of the number of workers who joined the strike and how many chose to continue working.  Turn your attention to the uncompleted tasks left by workers on strike.  What happens to the workload now that your co-workers are marching in the streets?


  1. Listen.  Listen to your co-workers who on strike. Do you share the same sentiments? Are the things they say true?  Also, keep an open ear to workmates who opted to stay in the office. What are their reasons? Are they making the right decision? Conversely, you should listen to the side of management. Know their stand on the issue and be aware of their arguments and proposals, and more importantly, what they are doing to address the issues.


  1. Ask. There’s nothing wrong with asking. Ask people about what’s really happening. This way, you are kept informed of the issues and problems that surround the workplace.  Being inquisitive can usually help you gain a better perspective on where everybody stands…and ultimately where you will stand yourself.


  1. Decide. Your co-workers will undoubtedly ask you to join the strike. On the other hand, some may persuade you to do otherwise. That’s why it’s very important to stop, look, listen, and ask so that you can make an informed decision.


Remember that as an employee, you have the responsibility to deliver tasks. But you also have certain rights and privileges that need to be upheld and provided for. Workers often go on strike because these rights are not respected. However, there may be instances when employee demands border on the unreasonable. If you happen to encounter such a situation, think first before you act. Your future might be on the line.

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