What Next?

I’ve been utilizing social media as a means to secure full time employment. A good friend of mine from Twitter forwarded me an email a few months ago. PARADE magazine was looking for 5 individuals from across the country to pair them with a career advisor and chronicle their job search for 3 months. I replied to the email, communicated back and forth with PARADE and they selected me as one of their candidates for their “What People Earn” project. Feel free to follow the “What People Earn” Facebook Fanpage.

Why did they select me? I was already developing NJ Unemployed and was holding events. They understood my mission, to bring the NJ unemployed community together. My mission coincided with theirs. They wanted people across the country to know that they are not alone in their job search.

I was paired with career advisor, Fred Ball, and began meeting with him on a weekly basis. At our first meeting, he presented me with his most recent book Killer Interview. This book would be my go-to resource for all things job related.

As the weeks went by, PARADE magazine contacted me asking if I would be interested in appearing on CBS’s The Early Show to discuss social media and unemployment. My segment aired April 12, 2010 (view segment here).  I was thrilled with the support I received after my segment aired and people I was or even wasn’t connected to on various social media networks, reached out to me. It was truly incredible!

You can read the “behind the scenes” look at my experience here.

My job search progress continues to be chronicled by PARADE magazine.

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  1. Katie,
    Ive been reading your LinkedIn posts and been rooting for you for a while now!!!!
    I wish I needed to hire someone as I love having employees with your dedication, insight, forward thinking, and positive attitude!
    Unfortunately things are tough and if I wasnt the boss I’d be unemployed myself!!
    Hang in there, folks like you end up in positions that are worth the wait!!!
    Be well,
    Dave Buckman
    Buckman Architectural Group

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