What Kids These Days Want to Grow Up to Be

By: The Resume Chick 

Children have lots of interests. They find fun in so many things. Usually, when you ask them what they want to become when they grow up, they give you answers that are reflective of the things they love doing. The world has changed so and sometimes you wonder if what kids want to be these days, bear any resemblance at all to the aspirations that you once had when you were young. Do they?  Read on and let’s find out.

  1. 1.    Teacher. This still tops the list. Most kids still dream of being a teacher when they grow up. This may have been largely influenced by the fact that the first professionals they come to meet on a daily basis are teachers. Children see themselves carrying books and writing notes on the chalkboard in front of a very obedient audience.
  2. 2.    Doctor. We often see pictures of kids holding stethoscopes and wearing white coats. There are still a lot of kids wishing to be doctors someday. They are still envisioning themselves checking out patients and prescribing medicines.
  3. 3.    Veterinarian. Because children are fond of pets, there’s this inherent nurturing side that also wants to take care of the beloved dog or cat or whatever the pet happens to be, and to personally treat them when they’re sick. This fondness for their cute little friends somehow extends to all animals they see and so quite naturally, they want to grow up as animal doctors.
  4. 4.    Fire Fighter. Boys, especially, are quite fascinated with the sound of the fire truck siren and the adrenaline rush they witness among fire fighters, which they usually see on television. They get excited when they hear the sound of the fire alarm or the fire truck. Most of the time, little boys see firefighters as heroes who save people and that perception encourages them to dream of becoming firefighters themselves – and yes, becoming heroes, too – someday.
  5. Police Officer. Children always have this fascination for role playing as law enforcers. It gives them a feeling of superiority and authority. It’s their young mind’s way of feeling important and having a sense of control; which for some continue till they grow older and make them pursue the career. 


Children’s dreams and ambitions change over time. Their interests and goals may do a complete 180 as they grow up. They will soon realize that there’s a lot of hard work to do before they become what they want to be. But until then, let them dream.

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