Violation Of Microsoft Services Agreement

Imagine a user posting a Word file created with Office 365 on Twitter and requesting Microsoft`s resolution because of concerns about its privacy policy or market scope. Microsoft can easily trace the document back to the author through its Twitter interface or the Microsoft username embedded in the Word file metadata. Microsoft`s agreement certainly gives it the legal opportunity to interpret this speech as “harmful to [its] services” and to end that user`s access to the Office 365 and Microsoft account. The Microsoft Services agreement regulates the use of many Microsoft products, including most of its Office 365, Skype and Microsoft account products, which is used as a standard registration account for new Windows 10 installations for consumers. Much of the agreement concerns routine illegality, which defines all these conditions for service agreements. Together, the public discourse on content moderation has so far focused on social media platforms, but desktop software increasingly includes such “acceptable language” provisions. Microsoft`s terms of use for its Office 365 and Microsoft account services mean that a user who uses Office 365 to write a Word document defending women`s rights or LGBTQ in a country where such speech is illegal can immediately access Office 365 and its own desktop request, which is terminated by Microsoft in violation of its user agreement. Similarly, a rights group that documents police brutality could perhaps end their use of these Microsoft products. While Microsoft`s agreement does not explicitly contain the “Government” edition of Office 365, not all government authorities use the special edition of government, i.e. even government speeches, and therefore government policy may be subject to these rules. He added: “As part of the investigation into allegations of violations of these conditions, Microsoft reserves the right to verify your content in order to resolve the issue.” In the new version of the service agreement, which will come into force on May 1, Microsoft says it will act against “offensive language.” I don`t know how I broke the terms.

What I do know is that my Samsung phone, said, I have to transfer my back-ups on a drive as they set their service. I transferred the back-up and then I was reported the Microsoft breach. I can`t find anyone to talk to about it. Today I register again to make another call, and it is said that my account was suspended because it violated Microsoft`s service agreement. Legally, Microsoft`s agreement means that using Office 365 to create a document that promotes women`s rights in a country where such speech is illegal could lead Microsoft to end that user`s access to Office 365 and his Microsoft account, with which he connects to his own desktop at home. One could easily imagine a repressive government that would ask Microsoft to impose its conditions on illegal content by automatically terminating the accounts of users who promote women`s rights in this country. This is a serious offence. Maybe right now they should check the date stamp and the sender`s details so they can see who sent it and ban them instead. I sent a reply, but unfortunately I don`t expect an answer and Microsoft is too big to fight – little guy loses again.

Some users indicated that vague notions could leave the door open to all kinds of offences that could put them in trouble.

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