Us Taliban Agreement Drishti Ias

How a recent power-sharing agreement in Afghanistan will affect Indian interests in Afghanistan. Critical analysis. This article is based on a big and bad agreement: on the agreement between the United States and the Taliban, difficult discussions upstream, ghani refusing the exchange of prisoners of the Taliban, An agreement that increases insecurity, An uncomfortable pact, read the pact of the American Taliban, what the Afghan peace agreement means. He talks about the impact of the recently concluded U.S. Taliban agreement. In the current situation, it is essential that India maintain its strong relations with the Afghan government, build and support its traditional Afghan allies, and form open lines of communication with the Taliban. Although the agreement is a good step, the road would not be easy. Achieving lasting peace in Afghanistan requires patience and compromise between all parties. In this context, India needs to recalibrate its policy towards Afghanistan in order to protect its strategic and economic interests.

Aware of the delay, the Taliban are trying to obtain maximum concessions from Zalmay Khalilzad without offering anything useful. The head of the Indian army, General Bipin Rawat, recently declared that India “cannot be off the train” because “if you are not on the table, you will not know what will happen.” It is time for New Delhi to join forces with the Taliban to protect their interests. India must also reassess its political decisions, in close coordination with Russia and Iran, and constantly remind them that full surrender to Taliban demands will harm their own security. Heart of Asia Conference, Kabul process etc. are some of the other peace conferences. The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, renamed the Republic of Afghanistan in 1987, existed from 1978 to 1992, during which the Democratic Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) governed Afghanistan. The consultations in Moscow are referred to as “Moscow-format consultations on Afghanistan.” The consultation ends in Moscow is one of the few peace processes that has succeeded in bringing the Taliban and Afghanistan to a table despite their indecision. The current U.S. stage has been a diplomatic victory for Pakistan. The United States will need Pakistan`s support to implement the interim agreement, as only Pakistan has influence over the Taliban. There are many peace conferences and processes to resolve the crisis. The 2001 Bonn Agreement was the first international pact for Peace and Reconciliation for Afghanistan.

Let`s look at some of the most important among them, their consequences and the role of India or the point of view in them. After US President Donald Trump unilaterally announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, a period of adaptation became essential. From the 10th century until the mid-18th century, Northern India was attacked by a number of invaders established in present-day Afghanistan. Some of them were Ghaznavids, Khaljis, Moguln, Durranis, etc. During this period, many Afghans began to emigrate to India due to political unrest in their regions. From 2001 to the present, the Taliban have become a key player in the Afghan peace process. Today, important players such as the United States, Russia and China have accepted this centrality of the Taliban. Since only Pakistan has influence over the Taliban, this turn of events can be seen as a diplomatic victory for Pakistan, while India is increasingly sidelined in these proceedings. References: The Hindu, Indian Express, The Diplomat, The Wire, Foreign Policy, Wikipedia, Does The Elephant Dance However, India has not been invited to this peace process. The reason India is outside of these regional discussions is that India has no “border” with Afghanistan. However, the “6-2-1” group ignored India`s view that its territory bordered Afghanistan (along the Wakhan Corridor) and that it was currently under illegal occupation of Pakistan. India`s development approach has brought immense goodwill to the Afghan people.

However, the soft power strategy has limitations.

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