Typo Errors can Make a Difference in Getting (or Losing) a Job

By: The Resume Chick

Your resumes should always appear neat and presentable. Too much information and errors can cause the prospective employer to lose interest early on. Typographical errors are apt to give the hiring manager the impression that you do not pay much attention to detail and that you just let simple mistakes slip away. Here are some typo errors that are liable to make or break your chances of getting the coveted job.

  1. Dates are important. You must always be accurate in entering the details of the length of your job experience. The dates you indicate in your resumes are very important details that the hiring manager looks into. If you have been employed from 2002 – 2005 and you keyed in 2020 instead of 2002, that’s blatant carelessness. It instantly tells the employer that you didn’t even bother to proofread your resume. There’s no question about it, your resume is headed to the trash bin.
  2. Double check the numbers. If you already have enough experience in the working world, you’ll probably do the numbers game. Well, just be sure to write down the right numbers. If you’re bragging about raising the sales up by 10%, make sure you don’t write 100%. It’s not that 100% is unattainable, but it’s a rare occasion. The employer has every reason to do some double-checking. Be careful how you play the number games; it can be dangerous and can cost you a lost interview.
  3. Be sure it’s your name. It sounds funny and bordering on foolish but really, some resumes have misspelled names. It is bad enough when you forget to place your name on the resume, even worse if you copied the resume and without editing the name. You can definitely say goodbye to the job you are after.
  4. Misspelled words are a bummer. The most common typo errors that can really turn off a prospective employer are misspelled words, so go the extra mile to avoid them. Spellcheckers are readily available, use them. But don’t stop there. Have someone check every word to ensure that each one is spelled correctly. Don’t blow your chances just because you typed “and excellent typist” instead of just “an excellent typist”. See the world of difference one letter can do?
  5. Punctuation marks say it all. You might think this doesn’t matter, but it does. Punctuation marks are very crucial when it comes to getting your message across to the reader. You don’t need to put an exclamation point in a sentence that doesn’t warrant strong emotion. You might sound a bit too excitable – if not unstable. Be sure the sentence ends in a period and not with a comma or the employer may think you’re unsure what you’re talking about.

It is crucial to pay attention to the smallest detail, especially if you’re on a job search. Always remember that a little extra effort to review your resume won’t hurt at all. It can mean getting (or losing) the job you want most.

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