The Latest Tools HR Uses to Find You

By: The Resume Chick

With the latest developments in networking, job seekers should make a habit if staying abreast with the latest trends in human resources.  Nowadays, HR people do not just rely on print media or ads to find the best employees. They are updated on the latest techniques and tools in looking for the best employees.

  1. Web-Based Recruitment Systems. One strategy the HR Department employ is to maintain recruiting sites for their companies. They usually post information about their company on these sites. More importantly, it is where you can find posting of job vacancies and openings. Some of these sites require you to re-enter data already found on your resume; some even have built in tests/surveys you need to answer before completing the online application.  They can be a pain to fill out but some do have options for you to complete them at a later time if you are pressed.  So if you are searching for a job, make sure your resume is stored on these sites.  This may be your ticket to the world of the employed.
  2. LinkedIn. This online business network keeps you in the loop, especially if you specialize in certain industry sectors.  HR regularly checks this website for potential recruits.  This is the best place to be “seen” if you’re looking for a job or when a company needs to hire some good people.  Better get yourself “linked in” and upload that rocking resume for all potential employers to see.  Aside from your resume, it’s also a good tool for posting updates about your achievements or any awards received.
  3. Facebook. Facebook has come a long way from just tracking down old friends and relatives?  You can start joining discussions on areas of interests related to your field of expertise or profession.  You can even add companies who maintain Facebook accounts as friends. This is a good way to keep you updated on recent job postings. Also, if you keep your profile current with all necessary information that companies need to know about you, there’s a good chance that one or two might get interested.
  4. YouTube.  If your field of expertise is on multimedia, let the HR find your account on YouTube – and put on a show just for the!   You can even explore the idea of uploading an attractive video application/resume.  If it worked for Internet sensations Greyson Chance, Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda (lead singer of Journey), then it can work for you, too.  Just keep it tasteful and concise for your audience.
  5. Online job postings/job boards.  HR still posts job openings online through 3rd party boards.  It remains on of the most popular tools for HR to find you. Keep your account active (whether you are searching for an opportunity or not) and make sure your resume is updated and up to snuff.

Whatever strategy the HR Department uses in hiring employees, be prepared so that when you get a call, you’re good to go at any given time.  Make your online presence felt, say the right words and make an overall good impression. Make these tools work in your favor.

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