Success Stories: Landing a Job through Social Media

I’m always telling people they need to get on the various social networks to look for a job and let people know they are looking for a job. It’s true that most jobs are filled through networking, whether it’s networking in person or online.

Here are two success stories about two people from New Jersey that landed their current job through the use of social media.

Allyson Pryor

Assistant Account Executive, Springboard Public Relations

Allyson graduated Seton Hall in 2009 as a Journalism/Public Relations major. She had dreams of working for a company handling social media. A company reached out to her via Twitter because they liked what she was doing on Twitter. Allyson used to tweet about being unemployed amongst other things. Through a Direct Message (DM) the company told her they were hiring. She applied for the position and some of her contacts on Twitter and LinkedIn were references for this position. She was then brought on full time at Springboard Public Relations as an Assistant Account Executive.

Follow her on Twitter @locallylove!

Judy Moriarty

Vice President Broker Record, Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate

Judy was using social media for a while as a way for people to get to know her on a more personal level.

Judy was working in real estate sales and building her network online through Facebook, Twitter and a little LinkedIn. While attending a social media conference, she realized the importance of LinkedIn and decided to redo her LinkedIn profile and gear it more towards business management rather than real estate sales. Judy had experience in business management but that was not the focus of her LinkedIn profile. She decided to revamp her LinkedIn profile because she wanted her profile to tell people exactly what her background was. Shortly after she updated her profile someone contacted her through LinkedIn regarding an upper level management position within the company. Judy happily accepted the position (although she wasn’t looking at the time) and was in charge of opening a branch office for the company in New Jersey.

When chatting with Judy we talked about the importance of keywords in a LinkedIn profile. Recruiters/hiring managers are out there looking for candidates and are searching LinkedIn profiles by using various keywords. Judy agreed whole heartedly and said she even tested it out and selected a few keywords that she used in her profile to see how many people would appear in a search and only 3 did. Make sure you are using keywords in your profile to get noticed. Judy went on to say that her hiring manager always uses LinkedIn to find upper level management job candidates.

Judy has hired two sales agents through Twitter. One of the agents she hired through Twitter she found by listening to a conversation her employee was having to someone else regarding the industry and reached out to them for a position.

Follow her on Twitter @realestatechick! She’s hiring! Drop her a line!

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