Serbia Kosovo Us Agreement

The framework of the signed agreements also includes the mutual recognition of Israel and Kosovo, as well as the transfer of the Serbian embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem within one year. President Donald Trump`s administration also prepared the so-called Abraham Agreement, which resulted in mutual recognition and the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and two Arab nations — the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) and Bahrain. They stressed the need to make efforts to promote interreligious and intercultural dialogue in order to promote the culture of peace among three Abrahamic religions and all humanity. The signatories stressed that they believe that the best way to meet the challenges is through cooperation and dialogue, and that the development of friendly relations among States promotes the interests of lasting peace in the Middle East and throughout the world. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic`s speech at the opening of the International Development Financial Corporation (DFC) office in Belgrade illustrates the relevance of the agreement signed in Washington and the beginning of a new era of political and economic relations between Serbia and the United States. “This is an important day for us. We already severed our trade relations with the United States in 1881, and since then we have not had such an important agreement,” Vucic said, adding: “Serbia will respect the obligations arising from the agreement signed in Washington on September 4, 2020. Wherever Americans want to invest, the U.S. Development Agency is there, and that`s where things happen.

We are proud that the DFC is opening its office here and has the support of the Republic of Serbia. The deals appeared to break a freeze that occurred in 2018, when EU-led talks broke down after Serbia blocked Kosovo`s efforts to join Interpol. Friday`s agreement also included agreements between Kosovo and Serbia to change their relations with Israel. On 4 September 2020, Serbia and Kosovo signed separate agreements with the United States on “economic normalization” in Washington. The agreements have no influence on the existing dialogue between Belgrade official and Priština and negotiated by the European Union. The conflict between the former enemies is centered on Serbia`s refusal to recognize Kosovo`s independence, which it unilaterally declared in 2008. Most Western nations – including the United States – have recognized Kosovo. Russia and China are not. Vucic and Hotis Washington`s comments on this show that there is a difficult path to go. Hoti said he sees the economic deal as a step towards recognition. “We see this as a big step towards a definitive solution that is mutual recognition.

I have publicly stated that this is for us a great achievement in completing an agreement with Serbia,” he told VOA….

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