NJ Unemployed Donations

Many people have asked me how they contribute to NJ Unemployed. I’ve never charged members to attend our events and have no intention to do such. I have on occasion received sponsorships from companies/institutions.

We at NJ Unemployed would like to be able to do more within the community.  That being said, I have placed a Donate button on our website should you be interested in making a contribution to help us keep doing what we’re doing.

There’s no pressure to contribute but wanted to offer an outlet for contributions since I’ve received many requests from individuals saying they’d give $5 and up. Any help is greatly appreciated in helping us to continue our efforts of providing you with great speakers, networking opportunities and working with State legislators on getting New Jerseyans back to work.

If you are interested in making a donation please click the Donate button on the NJ Unemployed website www.njunemployed.com.

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Assembly Bill A2402 Passed Assembly Labor Committee Today

Albano, Milam, Singleton, Caride & Sumter Bill to Spur Job Growth Released by Assembly Labor Committee

NJ Unemployed was at the State House today to vote in favor of bill A2402. For more information on the bill please visit http://www.assemblydems.com/Article.asp?ArticleID=5171.

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March 13, 2012 – “What’s Stopping You From Landing The Job You Want?” with Jean Baur

March 13, 2012 – “What’s Stopping You From Landing The Job You Want?” with Jean Baur

9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Where:   Hamilton Public Library
1 Municipal Drive
Hamilton, NJ 08619

What’s Stopping You From Landing the Job You Want?

Jean will cover common obstacles that often get in the way of job seekers, how to stay motivated and organized and ways to make the process more enjoyable. In this interactive session, Jean will answer questions and be available with copies of her first book, “Eliminated! Now What? Finding Your Way from Job-Loss Crisis to Career Resilience.”


Meet Jean Baur, CMF
Jean BaurAuthor/Career Coach

Jean has worked for almost 18 years as a career coach with major outplacement firms (Lee Hecht Harrison, Seagate and Manchester), and has also worked extensively as a writer, coach and corporate trainer. Jean partners with clients of all functions and levels to help them identify and leverage their strengths, develop structure for the search process, create effective implementation plans and identify measurable success factors. Jean’s trademark is her energy and creativity. She likes nothing more than helping clients realize their full potential. She recently earned the highest designation awarded career counselors, the CMF (Certified Management Fellow) from the ICCI (Institute of Career Certification International.)

The author of numerous career transition articles, Jean has written throughout her career, both as a freelance writer and publishing short fiction. She also worked as a corporate trainer for Communispond and helped revise their business writing program. She majored in English at Lake Forest College and loves to read, garden and kayak. In her spare time, she is training her dog, Bella to be a therapy dog.

Register Here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2617190086

For more information on Jean Bauer please visit her website http://www.JeanBaur.com.

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Great Communicators Get the Health-Care Jobs, Promotions, Experts Say

2 Specialists Share Tips for Getting Your Message Across

There’s a bright spot in the U.S. employment picture: the health-care industry.

Health-care employers added 17,000 jobs in November, and they’ve been adding an average 27,000 jobs a month since December 2010, according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

That’s the good news. The bad news is nearly 10,000 health-care workers have lost jobs since August; there were 136 mass layoffs in that time period.

“Finding work in health-care is definitely getting easier, but the stiff competition means you’ll need more than credentials to land those jobs,” says Stephanie Roberson Barnard, a communications consultant who specializes in training medical professionals to speak and write clearly and effectively.

“Check any online job-hunting Web site for science, technical, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical jobs and you’ll find one common requirement: ‘excellent communication skills,’” she and co-author Deborah St. James write in their new book, Listen. Write. Present: The Elements for Communicating Science and Technology (Yale University Press; 2012), www.ListenWritePresent.com.

Unfortunately, the science-rich education required for health-care professionals leaves little room for learning how to craft a message for a particular audience, be it an email or a PowerPoint presentation. And that’s essential not only for getting jobs, but for keeping them and winning promotions, Barnard says.

She and St. James, deputy director of publications and communications for a North Carolina biotech company, offer these tips for getting your message across:

• Plan: Take time to get to know your clients, colleagues and co-workers. Establish rapport and cultivate a collaborative relationship by finding out about others’ interests (check out the pictures in their offices for clues) and inquiring about them. If you have never been to their offices, look them up on Google or their company’s Web site. Always keep your personal conversations light and professional.

• Listen: Smile, nod, and acknowledge the speaker – and mean it. Really focus on what the person is saying and not just on the words. Truly effective communication requires your full attention. It’s better to spend a few minutes concentrating on the other person’s message during a conversation than wasting time trying to remember what he or she said because you were trying to do something else. It’s okay to write or type notes as long as you ask permission first.

• Present: Practice. Practice. Practice. Need we say more? Of all the tips we offer, practicing is perhaps the most important one. People in our audiences often suggest that it’s possible to over practice. They claim that too much practicing makes a talk appear staged. We have found that the “stiff” presenters are the ones who haven’t practiced. They’re so busy trying to remember what they’re going to say, they can’t tune into the audience or deviate from their slides. In contrast, the speakers who have mastered their content seem to glide about the room, exuding just the right amount of enthusiasm.

• Meet: Respect people’s time by presenting materials simply. The biggest complaint people have about meetings is that they last too long. For this reason, presenting your ideas in a simple, concise fashion will give you the advantage of appearing focused and prepared. Remember, never compromise content for simplicity.

• Serve: Be kind to others. It costs nothing and requires no skill. Your kind words, good deed, or thoughtful gift may even launch a cascade of positive gestures among others. A recent study by researchers from the University of California San Diego and Harvard University suggests that cooperative behavior spreads among people. This ripple effect can have a wonderful positive impact on the corporate culture of your organization.

“Good leaders must learn to communicate not only within their field of expertise but also to reach people outside their field of authority, influence and passion,” Barnard says. “With proper training and practice anyone can become a better communicator.”

About Stephanie Roberson Barnard

Stephanie Roberson Barnard has trained thousands of pharmaceutical industry professionals on how to be more effective speakers, writers and communicators. She has also coached hundreds of health-care professionals on presentation skills for FDA hearings, CFO reports and scientific speaker programs, as well as national and international congresses. Her clients include AstraZeneca, Bayer Corporation, WL Gore, and Boehringer Ingelheim. This is her second Yale Press book collaboration with Deborah St. James.

About Deborah St. James

Deborah St. James is Deputy Director of Publications and Scientific Communications at Grifols. She has worked in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for more than 20 years. Prior to her current position, she was Bayer Corporation’s senior manager for national sales training in the pharmaceutical division. She is a former college English instructor and Senior Editor of Better Health magazine.

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Former Corporate Exec Says It’s Never Too Late to Change Careers

With 7 million Americans receiving unemployment benefits, and many counting the years – instead of months – since their layoff, author Darlene Quinn says now is a good time to reinvent yourself.

She cites James Sherk, a senior policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation, who says the jobs people held two or three years ago often simply aren’t there anymore.

“People are trying to find jobs similar to what they had previously, when those jobs completely don’t exist,” he told Reuters recently. “So they will spend a good portion of their period unemployed looking for jobs that they are unlikely to find.”

Quinn is a master of personal reinvention. She started her career as a teacher, then became a contractor, developing self-improvement and modeling programs for hospitals and a store. That segued into a position as a top executive at Bullocks Wilshire department store and “retirement” as a freelance journalist.

And now, the 74-year-old is an award-winning novelist. She published her third book, Webs of Fate (www.darlenequinn.net), this fall, continuing her series about deceit and intrigue in the high-end retail industry.

She says she was always a story-teller; she just never thought about putting her stories on paper.

“Being a victim of the short-lived educational phenomenon called sight-reading, which did not include phonics, I had always been intimidated by the written word,” she said.

“Somehow none of my teachers appreciated my creativity when it came to spelling.  Therefore, my creative writing efforts were sprinkled with so many red marks, they appeared to have broken out with the measles.”

Maybe, she added, she just needed a great story to tell and a passion to tell it that was stronger than her fear.

Quinn became a schoolteacher after earning a bachelor’s at San Jose State University. Much later in life, while working as a department store executive during a time of tremendous upheaval in the retail fashion industry, she found her story. But before she tried to tell it, she first sharpened her wit and her pen by writing articles for trade journals, magazines and newspapers.

That led to her being drafted by actor Buddy Ebsen to help him with his first novel, a love story called Kelly’s Quest. Ebsen was working on a second, a mystery based on his popular TV persona detective Barnaby Jones, when he died in 2003. His widow asked Quinn to finish the book, Sizzling Cold Case, which was published in 2006.

By now, Quinn was ready for her own tale.

“I felt compelled to tell the story of our vanishing department stores,” she said. “Instead of writing a dour tell-all about the business, I decided to chronicle my experiences in one of my fictional worlds and I filled that landscape with the realistic and dynamic characters that inhabited my daily life.

“The age of computers with spell-checking software helped me get over my fear of a red-inked manuscript.”

By 2008, Quinn had finished her story of intrigue in the retail fashion business. Webs of Power won a 2009 National Indie Excellence Award the following year.  Twisted Webs followed in 2010.

“One thing I’ve learned in my life is that things change,” Quinn said. “People change and, sometimes, their dreams have to change with them.

“To be releasing my third novel at age 74 is the fulfillment of a dream I never knew I had. Until now.”

About Darlene Quinn

Darlene Quinn is an author and journalist from Long Beach, Calif., whose novels about deceit, intrigue and glamour in the retail fashion industry were inspired by her years with Bullocks Wilshire Specialty department stores. Her newest, Webs of Fate, won the 2011 Reader’s Favorites Award before it hit the bookshelves. It provides the back story for the characters in the first two novels in the series: Webs of Power, winner of a 2009 National Indie Excellence Award, and Twisted Webs, winner of 2011 International Book Award for General Fiction and the 011 National Indie Excellence Awards for General Fiction.

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*** THURSDAY ADVISORY *** Assembly Panel to Consider Minimum Wage Increase –

*** THURSDAY ADVISORY *** Assembly Panel to Consider Minimum Wage Increase –

This is open to the public. Please come out in support of the measure. Thanks!



Assembly Panel to Consider Minimum Wage Increase

Economic Growth Bill Would Boost Wage to $8.50; Tie Futures Increases To CPI


(TRENTON) – Legislation to increase New Jersey’s hourly minimum wage to $8.50 and then adjust it annually based on the Consumer Price Index will be heard Thursday by the Assembly Labor Committee.

The bill, which would boost the minimum wage as of July 1, is sponsored by Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver (D-Essex/Passaic), Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden), Speaker Pro Tem Jerry Green (D-Union/Middlesex/Somerset), Majority Conference Leader Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen), Budget Chairman Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) and Deputy Speaker John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex).

The hearing will be held at 10 a.m. in Committee Room 11 on the 4th Floor of the State House Annex on West State Street in Trenton.

Audio of the hearing will be streamed live at:


Oliver during the Assembly reorganization ceremony in January announced increasing the minimum wage – which is now $7.25 per hour – would be a Democratic priority this legislative session.

 “This is economic stimulus and a recognition that thousands of households in New Jersey are struggling to subsist on minimum wage jobs that do not allow them to support their families,” Oliver said. “This is also about livable wages. Quite simply, we should all support economic stimulus, increased consumer spending and livable wages.”

“Having a minimum wage that accurately reflects the state’s economic reality is common sense, but also an essential tool that will have an immediate positive effect on our economy,” Greenwald said. “Traditionally, New Jersey has been a leader in providing economic security for its working families by ensuring a fair minimum wage. This is the time to do the right thing by increasing the minimum wage.”

The bill (A-2162) specifically increases New Jersey’s hourly minimum wage rate to $8.50 on July 1, 2012 and then requires that, starting in calendar year 2013, the minimum wage rate be adjusted annually based on any increase in the Consumer Price Index with the adjustment taking effect on July 1 of each year.

For more information visit: http://www.assemblydems.com/Article.asp?ArticleID=5114


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“Job hunters outnumber jobs as Six Flags Great Adventure kicks off its employment season”

NJ Unemployed Founder, Katie DeVito quoted in Sunday’s The Times. Read more HERE.



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“The Art of Interviewing” PowerPoint by Alex Freund

“The Art of Interviewing” seminar with Alex Freund held earlier this week was a huge hit and Alex was kind enough to share his PowerPoint presentation with you. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

2012-1-10 The Art of Interviewing Hamilton Pub Library

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Starbucks – We Found The Roast We Love Most & “Create Jobs For USA”

Yesterday NJ Unemployed was amongst the first to try out Starbucks new Blonde Roast coffee. The new coffee launched yesterday and NJ Unemployed members were treated to coffee donated by the Hamilton, NJ Starbucks yesterday. What a treat!


From January 12th-14th Starbucks is hosting “Find The Roast You Love Most” promotion. Stop by a participating store January 12th-14th for a special tasting event where you can try a coffee from each of the Starbucks roasts and discover the one you love most.


We love Starbucks because they give back to their community. Another reason is because of their “Create Jobs for USA” program which launched the end of 2011. Take a look!


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January 10, 2012 – “The Art of Interviewing” with Alex Freund

9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Where:   Hamilton Public Library
1 Municipal Drive
Hamilton, NJ 08619

All the networking, working with recruiters and answering job ads is worthless unless one is called in for an interview. That is the pen-ultimate goal but how many people understand the interview process and what is important for the interviewer? The audience will walk away with answers to many of his questions and with lots of practical information.  This one hour long presentation reveals issues such as:

•       Why learn the art of interviewing?
•       Who might interview you?
•       The screening and selection interview
•       Preparing for the interview
•       What is important for the interviewer?
•       Dealing with references
•       What questions to ask?
•       Salary negotiations

Coffee will be provided by Starbucks!

Register Here: http://theartofinterviewing.eventbrite.com

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