Microsoft partners with state to deliver free training to unemployed

Microsoft partners with state to deliver free training to unemployed
June 14, 7:55 AM Newark Unemployment Examiner Michelle Lemieux

The Elevate America program was recently launched by Microsoft and the New Jersey State Department of Labor, which provides unemployed and underemployed New Jersey residents free access to technology training.

The program offers online training and certification in various Microsoft programs which are critical in today’s job market. 

Eligible individuals can participate in the program by picking up a voucher at any one of the state’s One-Stop Career Centers. Each training voucher is redeemable for free online training in Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office suite. The state will distribute a total of 22,500 vouchers on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

“The Elevate America initiative offers valuable training for New Jersey job seekers and certification in significant skills that will give job seekers and workers a competitive edge in the job market,” said Department of Labor Commissioner Harold J. Wirths.

Nationally, Microsoft expects to deliver 1 million vouchers in free training and online education through the program. 

For more information about Elevate America, how to obtain a voucher or to view a list of testing sites, visit or

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