Intercompany Treasury Agreement

Intercompany rating modeling is a useful tool for properly evaluating Intercompany contracts. All transactions between subsidiaries within a group for which there is a contract for risk-based price components are within the scope. For example, these contracts are current accounts, credits and factoring agreements. In these examples, the risk component is the credit risk that undersensing pricing. The creation of the model ensures that it can be run in real time, which means that a frequent update of variable interest rates for intercompany contracts is possible without excessive use of resources. Since it is not possible to publish a model covering all the specifics of each country, we advise you to check with your internal or external consultant if changes are needed. If necessary, we can review the agreement or create one for you for a fee. This business-to-business sales contract contains the main clauses, such as a description of the products sold, delivery conditions, warranties and, of course, the price of the length of the arm. From an organizational point of view, intercompany management creates a system that avoids chaotic external financial transactions. From an economic point of view, Intercompany`s management is justified by the premise that a company within the group can finance a subsidiary or parent company on terms more advantageous than those of the banking market.

Given multiple stakeholders, large transaction volumes, complex business agreements and enhanced regulatory oversight, it is painfully clear that intercompany accounting requires a structured end-to-end process. As companies significantly expand their global presence opportunities, the growing number of intercompany transactions is generated and immediately made more difficult by local tax policies, currencies, transfer pricing and various systems and applications. Here you will find an overview of our current range of services on intercompany agreements for multinationals. A group can manage its financing internally, either through credits or credits, or through the implementation of a cash management agreement. In Allmybanks, you can also access information about intercompany financing in the group`s cash position reports.

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