How It All Began

Why an NJ Unemployed group?

Late February 2010, I was laid off from my job due to downsizing. I immediately sent a tweet out on Twitter asking who else is unemployed in NJ. The response was astounding! I had to do something. So I kept a list of all the people that contacted me saying they were unemployed Jerseyans. I started holding events as a way to gather the NJ unemployed community to share stories, experiences and struggles. I wanted people to know that they are not alone.

I began an NJ Unemployed LinkedIn Group and subsequently a Facebook Fanpage and Twitter page. Most recently, I launched the official NJ Unemployed website. From time to time there will be guest writers on various subjects. Please feel free to contact me with any story ideas you have. Or if you’d like to submit an article, please do so via the Contact section of this site.

My mission with NJ Unemployed is to create a positive community of people who are unemployed in NJ, employers looking to hire, as well as experts in the employment field.

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