Great NJ LinkedIn Groups to Join

Did you know that LinkedIn groups has a job posting section as well as discussion areas to pose questions or learn about upcoming events/seminars? Joining groups on LinkedIn is also a great way to expand your network and connect with people of similar interests. You never know where it might lead. I always say “It’s all in who you know” and “Networking is key”.

Here are some New Jersey LinkedIn groups that I find value in. I hope you will too. If you are a member of a LinkedIn group that you think we should share on this site, by all means, please send it my way.

NJ Unemployed

Central New Jersey Professional Network

Central NJ HR Professionals

In Princeton

New Jersey Advertising Club

New Jersey Networking Group

New Jersey Professionals

New Jersey Social Marketing Professionals

New Jersey Talent Source

New Jersey Twitter Network

New Jersey Young Professionals

NY/NJ Hotel Industry Professionals

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  1. Brian Monteleone says:


    Someone had just posted this article in my group but my group is not mentioned. My group is The NJ Networking Forum and is the largest NJ group on LinkedIn with 4700+ members. Below is the link and I invite you to check it out. Thank You!

    Brian Monteleone
    Creator, The NJ Networking Forum

  2. raymmmondo says:

    And there’s also Northern NJ Professionals In Transition:

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