Festival Vendor Agreement Template

Whether you`re planning a food fair, farmer`s market or art festival or occupying the booth, signing a supplier agreement can ensure that the event is a profitable and positive experience for everyone. Construction: The construction of the stand starts at 7:00 am and must be completed at 3:00 pm and ready for sale and must remain in place until the end of the event. Once the event is over, the seller is responsible for cleaning and disposing of waste from their area. Otherwise, a fee of $100.00 USD and rejection of future events will be charged. We have escorts at your disposal who will bring you to your site and answer all your questions. Slot allocation is based on cabin size, electrical requirements and location. I hope that allocation in this way will allow us to prevent several providers in a given area from simultaneously trying to set up. For safety reasons, motorhomes, long trailers or 5th wheels are not allowed on the festival site without the prior written consent. The seller acknowledges that it is illegal to leave unsupervised pets in a vehicle. Vendors do not bring alcoholic beverages to the festival site. The sharing of stands is not allowed. All suppliers must acquire their own stand and acquire their own commercial licenses.

Suppliers who share stands are not asked to participate in future festivals. The use of sounds should be a level of conversation so as not to disturb neighboring providers. The HBFF committee expects our vendors to respect other vendors, volunteers, officials and dignitaries, as well as our citizens and guests who enjoy the festival. People who behave rudely or un professionally are not invited to participate in future festivals. FOOD SELLER 1. All food vendors must have a food card from the Coconino County Department of Health. Copies of the food license must be submitted at the same time as the parking fee and the signed contract….

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