Contents Of Collective Agreement

The causes of higher or lower tariff coverage are widely debated. Frequent causes are often identified as follows: the provisions mentioned in collective agreements most often concern working time. These issues are, for example, systems for compensating for shiftwork, remuneration for shiftwork and weekly days off. Read also: Collective agreement means considerable benefits Collective agreements are used to supplement legislation or negotiate specialized contracts. The main principle is that collective agreements must not contain conditions that are inferior to the conditions laid down by law. Collective coverage or union representation refers to the proportion of persons in a national population whose working conditions are determined by collective bargaining between an employer and a trade union and not by individual contracts. This is always higher than union membership, as collective agreements almost always protect non-members in a unionized company. This means that people do not represent each other when negotiating better pay and conditions in the workplace, instead of individuals with lower bargaining power representing each other in negotiations. The number of people covered by collective agreements is higher than the number of union members (or “union density”) and, in many cases, much higher, because when unions make collective agreements, they aim to cover all workers, including those who have not necessarily joined to become members. In addition, there are generally binding collective agreements. These important agreements also bind unorganized employers and the workers who work for them. A collective agreement negotiated by a trade union grants you benefits far in excess of the employment contracts act The collective agreement ensures the correct evolution of wages. It is an agreement on minimum wages and general wage increases, which form the basis of the wage system for office workers.

In addition, you can negotiate your personal salary increases.

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