Cayetano And Velasco Agreement

In a live Facebook appearance, Cayetano said that it was now Velasco`s turn to show that he had “palabra de honor” (speech of honor) and that with his alleged agreement, there would be no change in the presidencies of the lower house, even if there is already a new spokesman of the Assembly. “I have always intended to respect the agreement. We should all do it,” he added. “If the spokesperson showed therefore a certain generosity, understanding, friendship, chivalry, eh palagay ko (I think), he would respect the term of the sharing agreement and he could at any time withdraw and the spokeswoman of his successor Cong. Velasco. That would put an end to the problem, because we are all friends again,” Buhay Party representative Lito Atienza told CNN Philippines. The agreement was that Cayetano was to be the spokesman for the House of Representatives for the first 15 months of the 18th Congress, leaving Velasco with the remaining 20 months until June 2022. If the agreement between gentlemen is reached, Cayetano is expected to resign this month, but it seems he wants to stay at least until December. Velasco did not show a gentle attitude to give in to Cayetano. Two days before spokesman Alan Peter Cayetano resigned as Speaker of the House of Representatives, based on a mandate-sharing agreement in 2019 with the Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco, the latter seeks to enforce it. His statement came as ABS-CBN news sources there and Cayetano will meet Tuesday night at Malacaang Palace to discuss the deal.

“As true leaders and examples of our people, both sides have an obligation to avoid situations or statements that would undermine the agreement and betray the trust of our people who have given the witness of the alliance,” he said. MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte asked Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco to postpone the mandate-sharing agreement until December to make way for the proposed budget for 2021, spokesman Alan Peter Cayetano said on Wednesday. Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 1) – House of Representatives spokesman Alan Peter Cayetano and Marinduque`s representative, Lord Allan Veasco, want to celebrate their anniversaries as spokespersons, despite their “gentlemen`s agreement.” “It would create unity and friendship among members of Congress who are now divided because of this issue, the issue of the gentleman`s agreement being violated,” he added.

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