5 Things You Can Do to Get Promoted

By: The Resume Chick

Everyone wants to get promoted, or most of us do. But in a workplace with a competitive environment; you have to do something noticeable first if you want to advance. You can’t just sit there doing the same old daily routine; and expect one day, the boss would walk up to you and say you’ve been promoted.  You have to outshine the rest, one way or another. You have to be the buzzing bee that everyone would be talking about instantly when the subject of promotions crop up.

1.    Learn new skills. There will always be something better than what you know now. Don’t stop trying to learn new or better things. If you’re already good at image editing, try learning how to put together a short video.  Learning new skills means that you are increasing your market value. This also gives an impression that you don’t just settle for mediocrity, that you are always open and eager for new knowledge. The more you learn new skills, the more you increase your chances of getting noticed and being more qualified for a promotion. 

2.    Do a great job all the time. Be the best you can be – ALWAYS. If you’re up for a promotion, make sure that your output is outstanding. It should be notable and highly commendable. From now on, aim to be the best among your ranks (or better, among everyone). Always strive for the best and nothing less. 

3.    Be visible to your superiors. Make it a point to get the bosses notice you; be it an outstanding performance rating or a cool, cheerful personality in the workplace. You can volunteer to take on a task for the company’s charity projects, for instance. Your aim is to ensure that you do not end up a regular Joe (or Jane) in the workplace. 

4.    Brag a little. Don’t be afraid to share your accomplishments. But be careful not to come across as too full of yourself, annoying everyone in the process. Do it enough to make your presence felt. Of course, you have to make sure your bosses hear about it.

5.    Do more than what is expected from you. Try to go the extra mile and ask for more responsibilities. Or have the initiative to work on something that has not yet been done. This way, you give the impression that you are worth more than your current position; and that you can do more for the company than what your present job requires.

You can anticipate roadblocks along the way. It can be difficult to convey that you’re competent without coming across as arrogant. Be patient and set reasonable expectations. If you start on your promotion plan with confidence and enthusiasm, your superiors who are watching you can’t miss that and will undoubtedly start thinking that you may indeed be qualified for a promotion.

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