5 Things That Freak Me Out During a Job Search

By: The Resume Chick 

Job hunting can be stressful in itself and that is the last thing you need.  Who needs the additional pressure when job searches in themselves are very exhausting?  Below are five common stressors in job hunting that can freak anyone out…even me!

  1. 1.   Too many advisers. It’s okay to have people around who give you advice; but when they grow in number and their advice doesn’t seem to help anyway, they can really freak you out.  Sometimes the advice they provide is unsolicited (most of the time, unwelcome).  When they become too meddlesome, it’s time to avoid them.  Work out in your head who has given the best advice (it’s okay to listen to your gut once in a while) and run with it.


  1. 2.   Freeze hiring. You think you have it made; you know you did well during the interview and maybe even got shortlisted.  Then you get the dreaded call from the company telling you that they have postponed hiring until further notice. What a pain!  Keep looking and stay hopeful.  You did everything right up that phone call, so you know it had nothing to do with you or your ability to fill the position.


  1. 3.   Someone got the job already.  So you came across a job opening that is definitely your cup of tea.  You sent in all the necessary requirements and now you’re eagerly waiting for an interview.  Two weeks later, you receive an e-mail saying that the position has already been filled.  Heartbreaking, for sure!   Again, keep looking!  There’s bound to be a similar position out there somewhere.  Don’t give up.


  1. 4.   Uncalled-for comparisons.  I’m sure you’ve heard about people saying that your friend, sibling, or cousin is already doing great with their job and you’re not. It’s disheartening the way people compare you (unfairly, too!) with others in the circle. To make matters worse, you also hear remarks that you should have done the same (if not better) as the others have.  Ugh. Don’t let these comments get to you; focus on your job search.


  1. 5.   Yourself.  Your worst enemy is yourself.  If you cannot maintain a positive attitude and you always feel down each time you lose a job prospect, then you are doomed to fail.  You are your best asset and if you allow yourself to falter, your dream job will seem even further from your reach.  Always, always keep that positive outlook.


Looking for a job can really drive you loco; but just hang in there. Try harder to manage stress and keep yourself going, no matter how freaked-out you sometimes feel. The best way to land your dream job is to believe that you can have it. This is a sure way of encouraging yourself to never, never quit!

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Over the past 10 years, Karen has assisted thousands of job seekers by providing them with a resume that brought them the confidence and professionalism they needed to get an interview. After writing for several years, Karen recognized the need for something different. Utilizing a creative edge, she helps make job hunting easier with her company, TheResumeChick.com, as an affordable way to get top notch, custom resumes in a jiffy. Her clients have raved about their new competitive edge, more interviews and better job offers and salary increases thanks to her handiwork. Karen welcomes any inquiries for interviews and career assistance opportunities where she can lend her voice on the how-to’s on writing a resume that works and getting the interview.

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