5 Jobs that will be Obsolete in 10 years

By: The Resume Chick

A career becoming obsolete because of technological change has an unpleasant ring to it. But that’s the reality now. With the evolution of technology, so has the working world. As computers and automated systems have taken over more and more of the jobs humans once held, entire careers and professions are endangered. Certain jobs will definitely decrease in demand as their job descriptions can easily be replaced by available technologies. Below are some jobs which can be obsolete in the next 10 years primarily because of the developments in a highly technology-driven global village.

  1. 1.   Travel agents. Booking tickets online has already become common place. Besides letting you buy tickets at your most convenient time; you do not have to pay the extra service charge. Most of the time, promo fares are only bookable online. This means that in the near future, travel agents won’t be necessary anymore, since most travel needs can be accessed online for the same cost or even cheaper.


  1. 2.   Photo Processors. Digital photography has already become a household name. Photo printing can be done anywhere, even at the convenience of your own home. Seldom do we see people who go to photo processing shops to have their negative film developed. Why pay for the services of a photo processor when you can do it yourself?


  1. 3.   Telephone Operators. How many times have you called a company phone number and a pre-recorded voice prompt answered you, giving you step-by-step instructions on what to do? Countless. Telephone operators have become a rarity these days. Moreover, developments in communication technology like text messages, email, etc. make correspondence easier.


  1. 4.   Video Store Attendants. Remember those guys who go around with you at video stores…patiently assisting you to find the movies you want to watch? With movies made readily available online, who needs video stores? Most people prefer downloading movies online (or straight to their TV) rather than going to video stores and manually looking for that movie, which can be very time-consuming.


  1. 5.   File clerks. Even offices with minimal files are now hiring the services of an information systems expert to provide them with a good database where they can keep their files so they can eliminate the bulk of paper files. Utilizing a database rather than hiring file clerks saves the company a lot of space and money.

So start thinking now – will your current job still be useful in the next five or ten years? When looking for a job, think of sustainability. You wouldn’t want to go job hopping because your job has already been phased out of the market.

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